ROXOR GIN IS EXQUISITE ... AND TEXAN TO BOOT.  Texas boasts a world-class artisan gin, distilled in Dallas by New Artisan Spirits.  ROXOR - Texas' first artisan gin - is co-produced by Houston superstar - chef Robert Del Grande and marketing guru Donald Short, formerly an international CEO for The Coca-Cola Company. It's an elegant, beautifully balanced gin, with intoxicating hibiscus and fresh citrus zest flavors softening the classic juniper and botanical profile. Faint notes of pecan, sarsaparilla and cocoa nibs add complexity. The recipe has undergone numerous tweaks by Del Grande, a James Beard Award-winning chef. Del Grande's practiced palate and Ph.D. in biochemistry gave him an edge in refining the formula for this perfume-like gin.  Short masterminded the product's branding and marketing. The stylish decanterlike bottle enhances the gin's gift appeal, but by all means buy this distinctive, delicious gin for yourself too.  Widely available in 750ml ($27) and 1.75-liter ($50) bottles. - Tina Danze for Modern Luxury Magazine Dallas Jan 2017

"Just want to let ya'll know that ROXOR was amazing. I was not a really Gin drinker but this has changed my mind about it. Thank you" 

Subject: Love your Gin

Message: I received a bottle of ROXOR for a Christmas gift. Great gin and fascinating new taste! 12/29/16

"omg! wow! bought a bottle for myself tonight while at Twin Liquors because I heard you (your rep) explaining the flavors. bought a second bottle for my gin-loving nephew whose bday is in Oct; had a sip and a G&T at home (w/fever tree tonic); I do believe I'm hooked! DELICIOUS! would love to get recipes from you for other mixes or mixers; thank you!! cheers"

"Saw you at Specs and picked up a bottle.

I came to Spec's to buy whiskey but sampled your gin. Of course I have tried gin before but this is actually the first bottle of gin I've purchased in my life. I can't offer much for comparison to other gins as I often drink scotch or American craft whiskey. The taste is very nice and seems to have a more complex taste than the gins I tried in the past. I appreciate the craftsmanship and effort you put into getting your producing your product."

"I was recently in Dallas for a benefit dinner. While there, I was introduced to your gin at the bar in our hotel. You have one of the best gins I have consumed and would like to look at buying 4 - 6 bottles for my home here in Florida. Is it possible to order your gin direct or do I need to go thru a local store? Thanks"

Hi. I bought your gin because of the cool bottle (wife encouraged me). The gin is fabulous and makes the best G&T I've ever had. Love it, love it. Carl 3/5/19