Hi! I'm Roxanna.  The story you're about to hear is true.  One day, I'm driving the freeways of Dallas, and I am drawn to a billboard ... one that says ROXOR and had a beautiful bottle protruding from the top of its frame.  I muse, I'm Roxanna Redfoot, this is ROXOR Artisan Gin.  Both from Dallas.  I don't believe in coincidences.  So, I Google ROXOR, check their Instagram, and all the usual stuff.  The ROX Doc sees that I'm following him and follows me also.  So, after the usual introductions via social media and a coffee, we agree to work together.  This ROXOR Gin is quite frankly, Unbelievable.  I have friends that don't like gin ... had that bad gin experience ... Today, they All LOVE ROXOR.  So, don't take my word for it.  Go buy a bottle and find out what consumers all over Texas, Colorado, and Arkansas already know ... ROXOR is ... perhaps the most attractive gin in the world ... and keep an eye out for my posts, video, and commercials for ROXOR. @roxannaredfoot  See you around ROX STAR!